Sunday, January 19, 2014

Configure WIFI from data card using wifi router.

Hi Guys,

I wanted to share my reliance data card internet through a wifi router so  bought a device called TP-LINK 3G/4G WIRELESS AND ROUTER for Rs.1550

I got below things in the box

1. Charger for router
2.lan cable
3. the wifi router.

First i connected the charger to router and connected.
Then i connected my data card
Then i connected the router to my Laptop thru LAN.

thats it.

Then Configuration starts.

1. I opened the browser and typed It asked for passoword.I gave admin as username and password as admin  then Status page opened.

2. Now I clicked on Quick Setup.Then selected my country and mobile ISP: reliance .
 Then clicked on checkbox "Set the dial number ,APN,Username,Password manually" and entered username and password of reliance datacard. and clicked NEXT

3.Then in next page,I entered the Wireless network name which will be ur wifi name and then i entered password,region:India then clicked next

4. Clicked next, it asked for router restart. I said yes. Router restarted. Then clicked on the internet access button next to battery button in notification area .I could find my WiFi.


Note: On android phones or tablets, after switching on wifi, select the wifi name which u just configured and then enter the password which u entered.

If u want the same WiFi connection to be used on ur laptop when ur android phones are using WiFi,then U need to connect LAN cable to router and laptop,only then u can access.

If u just want to use datacard for phones or tabs, u need to connect datacard to router and router to power cord. 

P.S reliance data card supports 2g right now,still this device supports. 

Hope u configured using the steps mentioned below. Any doubt, feel free to comment.
I was unable to find any post regarding the same throughout internet.Hope this helps people like me!!